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Welcome to Pandora Pre-Primary School!


Pandora Pre-Primary School was founded in 1945 as a result of the exceptional vision of a group of Bluff residents who realised the need for quality Pre School education for their children.

The school was initially sited at Wentworth Military Hospital, but then relocated to the Bluff Methodist Church. After a number of years the Management Committee set plans in motion, to build a specifically designed school on its own property. This was an ambitious challenge, but through dedicated enthusiasm and hard work sufficient funds were raised so that Pandora Pre-Primary School could be built.

Pandora is not a profit making organisation. It is run by the parents in the form of an elected Governing Body made up of parents of the children at the school.

Over the years Pandora has produced an excellent educational programme employing highly trained and qualified staff. As a result the school was brought under the ambit of the Natal Education Department.

The school continues to be registered with the KwaZulu-Natal Education Department, who employ the senior educators. These educators hold 4 year teaching diplomas and/ or degrees. Not only are some of our educators Pre-Primary trained specialist educators, but we remain current with the CAPS Departmental Curriculum. Workshops are held by the Department and the various Teacher Unions where the various requirements of the curriculum are cascaded to the educators.

The Pandora educators have been teaching in the field for many years and are extremely experienced. The same staff have been employed for many years providing stability in the school environment.

Pandora is used by educational teacher training centres and Universities to provide practical training and teaching skills to support their programmes and to provide assessments of their students. Many of our past pupils have become successful academically and professionally. We offer a holistic education catering for the child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.

The school garden is spacious which allows for large climbing equipment and many outdoor activities to cater for the child's physical development. Because of the many trees the garden is well shaded providing cool, restful areas for learning through the senses and experimental activities. Outdoor rings focusing on various skills are held in the garden as well as picnic snack time.

The extensive covered verandah areas provide places for the various kinds of drawing and colouring in activities as well as tables on which manipulative toys are used.

The children are grouped according to their ages and the programme is adapted to their specific needs and abilities. Each group has their own “home base” area. There are five groups - the 2 year olds in the yellow Group, the Orange and Green groups of 3 to 4 year olds, which are the “skills groups” and the 2 Blue and Red Grade R groups.

A large Fantasy area provides an opportunity for the children to explore play where the imagination is the focus. This area houses the dolls' corner the Shop, the 'Hospital” various animal and train sets and wooden toy vehicles of various kinds. The theme tables displays are in this area. These form the basis of the teaching and learning that is carried out during ring and story time.

The creative area houses 6 activities that are set out every day, ie. painting, cutting and pasting, dough modelling, anti-waste construction as well as a teacher directed main activity. Through creativity the child's thinking is expanded to produce unique designs. The children are able to choose which of the activities in which they wish to participate

The cognitive area is spacious, where the puzzles, manipulative games, block constructions, music centre, instruments and piano are used. A cognitive table is set out with concept learning activities and displays, with which the children can experiment. This area also has a stage on which work tables are set for the school readiness activities of the Grade R's. This also houses a book corner for quiet 'reading' times. Programmes such as 'Letterland,' 'Laban', ' Matal, amongst others are used in support of the prescribed curriculum.

The newly renovated toilet area is attractively tiled with large wild animals depicted on the tiles.

Pandora welcomes you and your child to make enquiries and to view the school.

Other faclilities


Morning Care from 6.45 am to 7.30 am

Aftercare from 12.00 pm until 5.00pm

Extra Curricular Activities

Sports day
Birthday Big Walk
Tuck Shop
Fund Raisers
Governing Body Election
Annual General Meeting
Library facilities
Soccercise Starz
Action Ball

Mission Statement

To prepare our children for their journey through

life by providing them with the necessary skills to

achieve their potential physically, emotionally,

socially and intellectually.